Crosstraining Tower is a free-standing rig, and is the ideal and complete solution. The stable design of DHZ Fitness provides the basis for just about all of the intensive training needs of CROSSTRAINING.

Crosstraining Tower Classic with its 80×80 mm profiles and durable acid-proof screws, provides a particularly good rigidity that is necessary to reduce rocking during group training.

Fasteners for the floor are included in the delivery.

“Tower Rig” – has all the key elements of a functional workout.

4 squat / bench stations, 10 pull-up stations, 2 box units, dip stations, boxjump platform as well as ropes and slings can be integrated into the training.

Two of the pull-up stations have a height of 3.5 which is especially suitable for Cross exercises such as Muscle Ups, Butterfly Pull Ups and Towes-to-bars.

6 Wall Ball units are integrated in «Tower».

12 storage stations for weight plates and 2 storage stations for Kettlebell, ensure neat and easily accessible storage. This increases user safety when selecting and performing exercises with this equipment.

Crosstraining Tower With its innovative design, «Tower» offers everything needed for functional crosstraining, Olympic weightlifting and modern strength training.

DHZ is high quality exercise equipment at a nice price. The equipment is produced in modern factories, and with the latest production techniques on the market. The quality of the production is continuously monitored through effective ISO 9001 quality management.


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