The Sand Bell is a simple yet powerful training device. It not only activates the hand and wrist muscles responsible for gripping, but can also be used for arm curling, lifting, pushing, throwing, swinging and balancing. An extensive field of application in personal training.

» Material: Neoprene with sand filling
» Easy to clean surface.
» Sizes vary according to weight.
» Available in a set each of 1 x  2kg / 4kg / 6kg / 8kg and 10kg
» Colour: Black

Item Weight Diameter
LP8225-02 2,0 kg 24,0 cm
LP8225-04 4,0 kg 26,0 cm
LP8225-06 6,0 kg 27,5 cm
LP8225-08 8,0 kg 29,5 cm
LP8225-10 10,0 kg 31,5 cm


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