Spirit Fitness BWM109-4 4-position multi-station is a complex multifunctional exercise machine. The goal of this multi-station exercise is to develop all muscle groups. Exercises Performed: Shoulder Press, Top Row, Row, Leg Curl / Extension, Leg Press. This multi-station combines 4 different simulators, which can significantly save space.

Name  4-position multi-station BWM109-4
Manufacturer  USA
Trademark  Spirit fitness
Assembly  PRC
A type  Cargo block
Frame  2.5 mm
Protective cover  Yes
Stack weight (kg)  91 x 4
Dimensions in working order (cm) (L x W x H)  300 x 300 x 223
Package Dimensions (cm) (L x W x H)  4 boxes: 225 x 78 x 34; 187 x 97 x 34.5; 187 x 97 x 34.5 and 207.5 x 76.5 x 26
Net weight (kg)  679
Gross weight (kg)  729


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