Packing Size : 67 X 36 X 22

Material: flexible polymer
» Dimensions: 58.0 x 45.0 cm
» Weight with filling: 40.0 kg
» Colour: white

LIVEPRO Aqua Boxing Bag uses the power of water through simplicity and innovation. By using water instead of sand or other materials usually used to fill heavy bags, we have created the ideal training device. The standard outer shell is tough enough to withstand professional-level punches and kicks, while the flexible, water-filled center absorbs your exerted kinetic energy, resulting in less pain, fewer injuries, increased endurance and more efficient training.

The Aqua Boxing Bag is designed to mimic the feel of a human body, with the Aqua Boxing Bag’s buoyancy modeled after the human form, which itself is 60% water, resulting in a more realistic feel when training. Top-class personal trainers, Gyms, beginners and professional fighters use this punching bag now to improve endurance, coordination and physical strength, resulting in tournament victories, championship wins and overall better physical fitness. You will be amazed when you feel the difference after the first punch on the water-filled punching bag and wonder why you ever used a hard, outdated and traditional punching bag in the first place.


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