The Evost Series Super Squat offers both forward and reverse squat training modes to activate the major muscles of the thighs and hips. The wide, angled foot platform keeps the user’s path of motion on an incline plane, greatly releasing pressure on the spine. The locking lever will automatically drop when you start training and can be easily reset by pedaling when you exit.

Dual Training Posture
● Back and shoulder pads provide good support and comfort when training with your back, and the sloping plane of motion helps relieve spinal pressure. When facing training, a breech position farther from the gravity line can better activate the gluteal muscles, regardless of the danger caused by the offset of the center of gravity.

More Focused
● Different from free weight training, Super Squat reduces the muscle groups involved in stabilizing the torso, and the direct transmission of the load to the legs and hips which improving the training effect.

Weight Plate Storage
● Optimized weight plate storage makes loading and unloading easier, and the easy-to-reach location further enhances the user experience.

Evost Series, as a classic style of DHZ, after repeated scrutiny and polishing, appeared in front of the public which offers a complete functional package and is easy to maintain. For exercisers, the scientific trajectory and stable architecture of the Evost Series ensure a complete training experience and performance; For buyers, affordable prices and stable quality have laid a solid foundation for the best-selling of Evost Series.

Weight 1 kg


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