SKU: X8400
Machine dimensions (length x width x height mm): 2185 x 945 x 1625
Dimensions of running mat (length x width mm): 1450 x 520
Machine weight (kg): 250
Speed (km/h): 1-20
Slope (%): 0-15

✅ Origin:
Made by DHZ Fitness – Specializes in manufacturing parts and equipment for major German brands.

✅ Structure:
* The DHZ X8400 treadmill is designed with a sturdy frame to ensure stability and no vibration during use.
* Possessing a powerful 3HP (horsepower) engine block, the machine is capable of operating continuously for many hours, durable. So it will be very suitable for gyms or large families.
* The conveyor (running mat) has a size of 1450 x 520 mm and a thickness of 25 mm to ensure enough exercise space, providing comfort and a better experience for users.
* The design of the conveyor belt helps to create beneficial friction to limit slippage while walking or running.
* The machine has a slope that varies from 0 -15%. The speed that the machine can achieve is from 1 – 20km/h. These two parameters can be quickly adjusted at levels 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 – 15.
* LED display screen provides full parameters: Speed, slope, time, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled.
* Provides a full range of buttons for: Start, Reset, stop, adjust speed, incline and pre-set exercise programs.
* The dimensions of the machine in length – width – height are respectively 2185 x 945 x 1625 mm with a weight of 250kg and a maximum load of 150kg.
* The shock absorber system provides smoothness, no noise, support and reduces pressure on the knee joint of the practitioner during exercise.
* The position of the handle will support the practitioner in the process of performing steep climbing exercises, when fitness is longer guaranteed.



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